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Galea Beta Specs

Here is the latest breakdown of specifications for the Galea Beta system. We are continuing to make improvements to the Beta system, and these specifications may change before the final device is shipped.

Last Updated: 2/27/24

Table of Specs

Compatible HMDsVarjo Aero, Varjo XR3
Scalp EEG

Dry, soft-polymer, active electrodes


F1, F2, C3, CZ, C4, P3, PZ, P4, O1, O2 (10-10 Electrode Placement Map)

Ear Clips

PPG using one ear clip

Reference and Bias drive ear clip electrodes for EEG common mode noise rejection

Face Pad

Dry, passive electrodes:

  • EMG: 4 channels
  • EXG: 2 channels (Fp1, Fp2)
  • EOG: 2 channels - 1x vertical and 1x horizontal
  • EDA: 1 forehead or external

External Inputs

6 channels of ExG

1 channel of EDA

Data acquisition

EXG: 24-bit resolution with max sampling rate of 500 Hz

PPG: 18-bit resolution with max sampling rate of 400 Hz

EDA: 16-bit resolution with max sampling rate of 25 Hz

Data transfer


  • Dual band wifi 2.4 and 5 GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Wired: USB-C port, USB full-speed transmission

Local: micro-SD card slot

Eye-trackingImage based eye-tracking by Varjo
IMU and Magnetometer

IMU: 6-axis (acceleration and gyroscope), 1.6 kHz sampling rate

Magnetometer: 3-axis, 20 Hz sampling rate


USB-C Ports

  • 1x input: 5V/1A. Battery charging when not in use.
  • 1x output: 5V/0.5A. Power and data connection with external accessories.

Rechargeable 2000mAH Li-ion battery pack

Run time up to TBD hours

Galea headset

Head circumference: 55 - 61 cm

Weight (without VR system): TBD

Software Integrations

Unity and Unreal Engine SDKs

Seamless integration with Varjo eye-tracking metrics

Bindings for Python, C++, Java, C#, Julia, Matlab, R, and Rust

Demonstration examples

Recording and Streaming

GUI tools for recording, visualizing, and playing back data

Remote streaming utilities

Railed and low-impedance sensor validation checking utilities

File Formats: BDF+, CSV

Streaming Formats: Serial, LSL, UDP, OSC